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True Savings

Most companies are just one step away from a $2 million claim.

Specialty medications are the number one reason health care costs continue to rise. With True Savings℠ programs, our pharmacists and strategists have solutions to drastically reduce these costs with patient care as the priority.

Quality pharmacy benefits go beyond making medications more affordable, it's about the care we give to our patients. True Care℠ offers programs that go beyond savings. True Care℠ programs improve both the health and care of our patients.

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At True Rx Health Strategists, we know one size never fits all. There are several unique levers an employer can pull to control the uncontrollable costs of their medications. We offer our clients and partners a team of pharmacists to help employers make this happen.

True Advocate℠

Bring personal case management
to your people.

True Advocate℠ is a specialty medication solution that provides a dedicated case manager to the patient, significantly reduces specialty costs for employers, and patients pay $0 for their specialty medications.

True Assist℠

Lowering specialty medication costs requires a higher level of attention.

True Assist℠ is a concierge, patient-focused program and specialty medication solution. It reduces the cost of high-price specialty medications with no disruption to employees, while enhancing care to the patient.

Step Therapy

Discovering medications that are
just as effective, but cost less.

Step Therapy is a program smarter than simply requiring generic medications. Our pharmacists only choose alternative medications for step therapy when the patient benefits from the same efficacy with a lower cost to the employer and patient.

True Rebates℠

Passing rebates right
back to our clients.

True Rebates℠ shows all of the manufacturer rebate dollars — all of them. Our pharmacists and strategists can consult to increase rebates with formulary management, too.

Preferred Pharmacy Network℠

Where you get your medication
filled matters.

Large retail pharmacy chains come with a price. Our pharmacists and strategists work with preferred pharmacies, reducing the cost of medications for both employers and patients.

True Care

Patients and their health come first
at True Rx Health Strategists.

True Care℠ programs provide innovative pharmacy savings solutions with patient care as the priority.

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True Genomics℠

Welcome to the world of
genetic matchmaking

True Genomics℠ is a program that looks at the relationship between the medication we take and how our unique genes determine our bodies’ response to that medication. Watch the video to learn more.

True Codes℠

Add savings and convenience
to infusion medications

With a patient-focused lens, True Codes℠ is a program to identify more cost-effective sources for specialty infusions without compromising patient care.

True Meds℠

Full picture employee health +
medication spend

When True Meds works with the employer on-site clinic and retail pharmacies, members have minimal negative drug interactions with ongoing monitoring and employers have comprehensive data, cost, and patient health.