Questions to ask your PBM

Ask Your PBM These Questions

Then, Compare with True Rx

True Rx believes that every employer should ask a prospective or current Prescription Benefits Management company the following questions.

Will you charge us what you pay the pharmacies?

If the answer is no, you may want to assess other PBMs. At True Rx, we charge our clients the actual cost of each prescription, with no markups. What we pay the pharmacy is what we bill our clients.

Do you recommend mail order pharmacies?

Mail order pharmacies can cost you more because many PBMs own their own mail order pharmacy, which allows them to influence pricing. True Rx does not own a mail order pharmacy. Instead, we save our clients money by allowing 90-day prescriptions and making use of retail pharmacies only.

Do you negotiate rebates from drug manufacturers?

If the answer is yes, ask if the PBM passes the rebates along to their clients. One hundred percent of all rebates received by True Rx are passed on to our clients.

How do you generate your revenue?

At True Rx, our only source of revenue is administrative fees. We have no hidden revenue sources. We are committed to clearly defining all costs and fees, and True Rx provides a detailed weekly invoice with all costs clearly specified.