Specialty Drugs

Specialty drugs are generally defined as high-cost prescription drugs that treat complex conditions. In addition, specialty drugs usually require special handling and administration. The True Rx Specialty Drug program offers a host of benefits.

Patient Assistance Program

We are glad to provide members with treatment and drug therapy information specific to their disease state.

Prior Authorizations

True Rx offers Prior Authorization services with a 24-48 hour average turnaround.

Specialty Pharmacy

Specialty drug orders can take longer than standard medications. True Rx works with a contracted specialty pharmacy to ensure medications are dispensed in a timely manner.

Overnight Delivery

We provide this service to make sure our members receive their specialty medications when they need them.

Clinical Oversight and Follow-ups

True Rx conducts clinical follow-ups on all members who require specialty drug therapy.

Negotiated Cost Savings

The True Rx team has the knowledge and skill needed to negotiate cost savings that are often better than average.