Hottest Health Strategies to Tackle Your Highest Costs: Managing Obesity 

Guest panelists Tim Dall and Dr. Whitney Blakley join Chelsea Durnil, PharmD, and Aaron Searls RPh, MBA, in this True Conversation.

Hottest Health Strategies to Tackle Your Highest Costs: Managing Obesity

As weight loss drugs continue to grab the spotlight, our panelists will delve into the broader impact of obesity on health care expenses, from diabetes and heart disease to various cancers.

In Indiana, the numbers are staggering – obesity and overweight conditions caused a jaw-dropping $9.3 billion reduction in the state’s economy in 2022, equivalent to 2% of the state’s gross domestic product.

But we won’t just stop at the numbers; we’ll explore how defining obesity as an illness or disease can revolutionize health care coverage.

Watch our True Conversations webinar as we discuss the impact on employer health care spend, the cost of higher work absenteeism, and the value of treating obesity with patient care.

Originally aired on January 31, 2024. 

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