Ozempic and Other GLP‑1 Drugs: All Hype or Actually Helpful?

Guest panelist John Dieser joins Chelsea Durnil, PharmD, Eric Barker, RPh, and Adrienne LaBorwit in this True Conversation.

Ozempic and Other GLP‑1 Drugs: All Hype or Actually Helpful?

Diabetes drugs being used for weight loss have gained attention as potential allies in the battle against obesity. With a staggering 42% of adults grappling with obesity, the GLP‑1 receptor agonists have emerged as a promising trend. In addition, adults with diabetes incur medical expenditures of $16,750 per year on average. 

How can employers cope with these costs and enhance employee health? Are GLP‑1 drugs helpful or just a lot of hype? 

Discover benefits and trade-offs of covering GLP‑1 drugs for weight loss and smart strategies for diabetes management. 

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