True Conversations: Achieve The Health Care Paradox

Cost Containment Plus Personalized Patient Care

Guest panelists John Holt, Forrest Williamson, and Kieran Pittman join Daniel Wilson, PharmD, and Adrienne LaBorwit in this True Conversation.

Achieve the Health Care Paradox – Cost Containment and Personalized Patient Care

Employers need cost containment health care solutions. Members need care more than ever. It’s possible to achieve both when your TPA and PBM partners are aligned.

By asking the right questions of your TPA and PBM, you can unlock thousands of dollars in savings through programs like J Codes with patient care as the priority.

Download the True Conversation as our panelists discuss practical, step-by-step solutions.

• How TPAs are implementing innovative cost control solutions while providing personalized patient health care
• Case studies optimizing TPA and PBM clinical programs
• Success stories about moving J Codes from the medical plan to the pharmacy plan

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