True Conversations: Proactively Mitigate Stop-Loss Claims

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Guest panelists Andrew German and Jeff Fox join Eric Barker and Adrienne LaBorwit in this True Conversation.

Proactively Mitigate Stop-Loss Claims

Stop-loss insurance is the largest fixed cost for self-insured clients to fund. Brokers and plan sponsors need to understand how their pharmacy benefits manager can be a resource to partner with stop-loss carriers to potentially lower cost and mitigate financial risk. In this True Conversation, stop-loss experts will provide insight on how rebates, manufacturing assistance, and alternative funding options play into lower fixed and net costs for clients and patients. Other topics include:

• How the rising cost of medications has changed cost analysis
• How stop-loss evaluates risk associated with specialty medications
• How a stop-loss carrier and your PBM can work together to control the uncontrollable

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