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Factors Affecting the Cost of Diabetes Management

With over 30 million diagnosed patients, diabetes management is one of the leading cost drivers of healthcare expenses in the United States.

While accessing primary care and diabetes medications can be large drivers of healthcare expenses, it is sometimes necessary to spend money to drive better outcomes and lower the risks for costs associated with unmanaged patients.

Find answers to the following questions:

  • Why do the prices of these medications continue to rise?
  • What is the latest information from the American Diabetes Association?
  • Did the Affordable Care Act affect coverage of diabetic medications?
  • Can rebates help?
  • How can employers control diabetic medication costs while improving the health of their employees?
True Rx Health Strategists White Paper - Factors Affecting the Cost of Diabetes Management

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Download our white paper by Aaron Searls, RPh, "Factors Affecting the Cost of Diabetes Management".