True Conversations: How Nurses Reduce J Code Costs with Skill and Care

Cost Containment Plus Personalized Patient Care

Guest panelists Jolene Adams, Tate McDaniel, and Anna Olsen-Kroeger join Eric Barker, RPh, and Adrienne LaBorwit in this True Conversation.

How Nurses Reduce J Code Costs with Skill and Care

It’s no secret that plans can save thousands of dollars by moving medications from the medical to the pharmacy benefit.

In the first of this two-part webinar series, we’ll discuss the process of moving a J Code with no disruption to the patient. In fact, patients receive personalized care at infusion treatment centers closer to home with more convenient hours and shorter infusion times, all at a significantly lower cost to the plan. You’ll see inside an infusion center and the amenities available for a better patient experience.

We will reveal how a nurse navigator:

1. Works ahead of the infusion schedule with the health care provider
2. Researches the best patient treatment facility
3. Uncovers hidden savings with copay cards, advocacy, rebates, or other discounts

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