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White Papers

Factors Affecting the Cost of Diabetes Management

With over 30 million diagnosed patients, diabetes management is one of the leading cost drivers of healthcare expenses in the United States. For answers to these rising costs and pharmacy solutions, download our white paper on "Factors Affecting the Cost of Diabetes Management".


Navigating J Codes with Patient Care

J Codes are used to charge medications to the medical benefit. Plans may be paying two-fold, three-fold, or more for the cost of a drug. How can you avoid this pitfall and maintain quality treatment? Download the white paper with an innovative answer to high cost medications, "Navigating J Code Solutions with Patient Care."


Understanding Orphan Medications

With new orphan medications on the market with a price tag of more than $1 million a year, it is important to understand this category of drugs. Download our white paper to learn more industry knowledge, "Understanding Orphan Medications."