Providing quality pharmacy benefits that employees need at a price you can afford


Let’s design a pharmacy plan that considers the unique needs of your company.

Your employees are the lifeblood of your company – they keep your business humming. Love your people and they’ll love you back.

Your workforce is a very unique size and shape. Therefore, we believe a solid benefits plan should contour to your needs, rather than you being forced into a plan that doesn’t fit you, nor serve your people.

At the end of the day, you just want your business to be productive and profitable, and your people cared for. Your company shouldn’t have to choose between covering a medication or staying within budget.

Our team of pharmacists and strategists are here to help you navigate the highest-cost medications making up 60-80% of your pharmacy spend.

What other employers are saying:

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Benefits Administrator (panel)

Their entire team has provided excellent service and their response time is the best I have ever received in my 30 years of being a Benefits Administrator.”

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Having True Rx pharmacists to help us is very important because they know what they are talking about. It’s not just a report. They have been there. They understand what works, what doesn’t, and they’ve had experiences with the patients themselves. That’s very important when we talk about taking care of the needs of our employees.” 

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Benefits Director (panel)

The implementation process was well planned and went as smoothly as we could have hoped. True Rx was very proactive and prepared us for all the possible glitches.

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Q: Why worry about pharmacy costs?

Pharmacy benefits are over 25% of your total healthcare budget.

This figure is projected to rise to 50% within a few years.

Only 1 – 2 % of employees make up 40 – 60% of total pharmacy costs.

Q: How will we help manage your costs?

Proprietary programs that move the needle

Our True Savings℠ and True Care℠ initiatives will help you dial-in hidden savings that equate to big outcomes for your company.

Flexibility with
all the right curves

Greater affordability occurs when considering the unique contours of your company, rather than forcing you into a rigid plan that doesn’t fit.

Smarter partners making smarter choices

Algorithms can only go so far. With a pharmacist on your team, your plan will have medications that keep your people healthy rather than cut corners.

Savings to further invest

What if you could enhance benefits for your valuable employees with the savings from your pharmacy plan?

Navigating J Code Solutions with Patient Care White Paper by True Rx Health Strategists

Which insurance benefit processes the medication claim matters.

Plans may be paying two-fold, three-fold, or more for the cost of a drug. In this document, you will learn:

  • What is a J Code?
  • How can you avoid this pitfall and maintain quality treatment for patients?
  • What control do I have over these costs?

Read about an innovative answer in our white paper, "Navigating J Code Solutions with Patient Care," by Daniel Wilson, PharmD.

Q: What will your people experience?

We are champions for your people. This means a high-touch experience that provides great care to your employees while reducing friction, mistakes and interruption to the lives of your people.

Your employees become our patients

Members are not just another ID number. We make ourselves responsible for their care.

Your employees will pay less

We are always researching avenues to save your people money for their prescriptions.

Your employees will get answers

Our responsive team of pharmacists and strategists are ready to assist each day.

Q: Where do you start?

Speak to one of our Health Strategists

Fill out this contact form and we will schedule an ideal time to hear what’s on your mind.