A Pharmacist-Led PBM Provides Better Patient Care

Pharmacists and strategists need to have the right focus

Have you ever visited your local pharmacy and received a medication consult from an auto-mechanic? Or, had your prescription filled by a sales executive? Neither have we. There’s a simple reason for that. Educated and trained pharmacists are the most appropriate people to be managing medications.

Oddly, this same standard isn’t true within pharmacy benefits. This is due to organizations being so distracted by cost savings that they can miss the proper care and expertise required to keep an entire workforce happy and healthy. It’s never wise to place your trust in the hands of non-pharmacists, even if they save you a few bucks. The consequences can be even more costly.

True Rx Health Strategists holds a very unique position among other PBM’s. Our leadership includes a team of pharmacists, and they have very specific letters behind their names to prove it.

It is important for the COO that’s running a PBM to have the right focus.” — Jesse McDonald, PharmD, COO

Our team of pharmacists and strategists see the work we do very differently.

I’m a proud member of the fifth generation in my family’s business. The pharmacists in my family have been taking care of patients for over 120 years. That rich family history gives us a unique perspective in the PBM industry.” — Adrienne Williams LaBorwit, VP of Strategic Solutions

People are patients, not simply members. Our primary objective is to make sure patients receive the medications they need without compromise or excuses.

As pharmacists, we are trained to focus on medications and how they work, but more importantly, we are trained to take care of people, to make sure our patients are healthy.” — Jesse McDonald, PharmD, COO

Properly caring for people, especially employees, should never be built upon a series of workarounds. Rather, it’s about being intimately familiar with the entire pharmacy system and savvy about the human story of employees. It’s asking the right questions and recognizing the pathways to cost-savings that serve the greater, long-term health of your people.

No matter how large we grow or how much we evolve, patient care will continue to be our driving force for True Rx Health Strategists.

We are committed to taking care of patients today and it only gets better for the future.” — Adrienne Williams LaBorwit, VP of Strategic Solutions