Managing Specialty Medications

Solutions to the number one pharmacy benefits question

Our CEO Mark Williams, RPh, provides solutions to specialty medications

Here’s the bad news: Health care costs are only going upward.

Shockingly, pharmacy costs make up 25% of total health care costs. In only a few years, it’s likely going to jump from 25% up to 50%. 

Here’s the most sobering stat of all: 60 – 80% of total pharmacy costs are due to only 1 – 2% of prescriptions. 

As a CEO with more than 600 employees, Mark needed a solution within his very own company to stop the bleeding and alleviate specialty medication costs.

The Number one question, and the reason I think we are building up good relationships with brokers, is specialty drugs. We always get asked, What do I do about this $500,000 specialty drug?”

When we are able to solve that solution for that broker, then we develop a partnership with them.” – Mark Williams, RPh, CEO of True Rx Health Strategists

For a 500 life client, that half million dollars eliminates raises, bonuses, it eliminates a lot of different things when they bring those situations on their plan. When we solve that, then we solve that together, and we help the employer out.” 

We put our own solutions in and we saved our own business of 600 employees over $300,000 with the different programs that we implemented. We have several different programs that we have to help save on specialty drug costs.” – Mark Williams, RPh, CEO of True Rx Health Strategists

Consultants who are actual Pharmacists understand how to save the employer money on their pharmacy benefits plan. They also make sure employees receive the medications they need, because they consider those employees to be their own patients.

At True Rx Health Strategists, we believe there’s no one better qualified to lead your pharmacy benefits — than a Pharmacist.

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About the Author

Mark is a fourth-generation pharmacist with nearly 30 years retail pharmacy experience. With his two brothers, he owns and operates Williams Brothers Health Care Pharmacy, a chain of independent pharmacies with more than 500 employees.

As a business owner, he realized the downfalls of many Pharmacy Benefit Managers and developed a passion for providing true, transparent PBM partnerships. Mark brings decades of pharmacy expertise and a family heritage of outstanding customer service to True Rx, transforming the PBM model.

Mark is a graduate of Purdue University Pharmacy School.