My Fight Against Cancer

With True Rx Health Strategists on her team, Kris takes on the physical, financial, and emotional struggles of cancer.

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How Kris Found Her Team To Help Fight Breast Cancer

My name is Kris Schepers. I have metastatic breast cancer. When diagnosed, things are a little bit grim. And you’re nervous. And you’re scared. Immediately, because I’m in healthcare, I think of the cost. I think of my insurance. And I think of fighting this. 

All of those things together create an immense stress and worry.

With cancer, there’s probably not a five-minute span that goes by that you’re not thinking about the cancer that’s being fought in your body. 

I was on the back patio of our house and I’m trying to get some sun and relax and breathe. We get a phone call from Nikki (at True Rx Health Strategists) and she says, We got all of your paperwork and everything looks good and we’re going to take care of this.” I say, ok, that’s great. 

Just to be informed, and I’m nervous, my gut is wrenching, how much is going to be our responsibility so we can start functioning in that capacity and getting things under control? 

Nikki says, oh no. We are going to take care of it.” I said I don’t really think I know what you mean when you say take care of it. Is it an 8020 or how does that work? 

And she says Kris, we’re going to take care of it.”

I was always the person who did that for other people and no one had ever done that for me.

Because with True Rx, my family and I have saved well over a million dollars. 

They’ve taken care of that and that stress, that fear, that emotion, away from us. It’s a gift beyond measure. 

In my house, we are forever grateful for the miracle they have come into my life to help me fight this disease. The team to beat it and the team to fight it, and True Rx has done that. They’ve become part of my team.