Prioritizing Medications For Employees

When employees and their medications are more than a claims file, everyone wins.

This may sound obvious, but we consider employees receiving medications to be a big deal. Unfortunately, in the world of PBM’s, it’s not always treated with the urgency and sensitivity it deserves.

I did not expect this type of service calling an insurance customer service number, you have been a great help to me with all of this.”

Picture this. A patient walks into their local pharmacy, but can’t get their prescription re-filled due to an account error. Aside from the inconvenience, it can feel like a crisis. When patients call their PBM, will they be able to speak to an actual human being who is trained to assist? Or, will the concern fall down the rabbit hole of phone prompts and transferred calls, only adding to the confusion and frustration? 

I appreciate all the time you took to help me today. I am very impressed with my first time using True Rx!”

The latter is no way to respond to an urgent issue. No employee should be treated as if they’re calling a local cable company. These are not simply employees, they are patients. In the case of True Rx Health Strategists, they are OUR patients. We treat this sort of interruption as a medical issue that must be promptly resolved with a single phone call. For this reason, we operate on a high standard of patient care by building a responsive Patient Care Team that stands ready to resolve medication disruptions. 

I literally cannot thank you enough. I wholeheartedly appreciate you! Thank you so much for doing all of this. You are the best!”

For many of our patients, it’s a pleasant surprise to hear a human voice on the line. That’s unfortunate. We believe that all employers should demand a similar level of Patient Care from their PBM.

WOW- that was almost too easy. First time I have had to call and a great result! Thank you!”

Let’s remove the friction and give patients the kind of responsive care they deserve.