Rising Up To The Challenge

Three Ways To Make 2022 The Best Year Yet

We have a question for all you brokers out there — and please don’t take this the wrong way. But, does your job sometimes feel a little shady? Not for anything you’re doing, but by simply being associated with PBMs that aren’t necessarily known for honesty?

The PBM world has always had a brand problem due to a reputation of questionable practices. Deceptive workarounds that hide how they profit, sinister agreements that compromise their formularies or, after the sale, not being responsive when patients need them the most. It can seem pretty ugly out there. 

It’s never surprising to hear those stories, because it’s something most brokers simply have to accept about PBM’s. Well, we beg to differ and would like to remind you that not all PBM’s fall into that gutter.

A couple years ago, we deeply examined where we land in this industry, and who we aspire to be. Our answer? To be one of THE GOOD GUYS.

Not that we weren’t already going out of our way to show integrity, but we’ve always been surprised to learn that is the exception.

As you enter into 2022, we want you to know that there are PBM’s out there that make you feel comfortable.

Every day True Rx Health Strategists puts thought into finding solutions to problems that keep employers up at night. And that effort has led to some new programs for 2022; programs that will not only set you apart from other brokers, but will also bring real and lasting change to your clients’ medication management.

Here are a few questions to ask prospective clients to give you a cutting edge against your competitors:

1. What solutions do you have for high cost medications?
True Assist℠ lowers specialty medication costs requires a higher level of attention. It’s a concierge-based medication solution that reduces the cost of high-price specialty medications with no disruption to employees, while enhancing care to the patient.

True Advocate℠ brings personal case management to patients. It’s a specialty medication solution that provides a dedicated case manager to them, significantly reducing specialty costs for employers. And, patients pay $0 for their specialty medications.

2. What solutions do you have for rising health care costs?
A program like True Codes℠ adds savings and convenience to some infusion medications. With a patient-focused lens, True Codes℠ will identify more cost-effective sources for specialty infusions without compromising patient care.

3. What solutions do you offer to improve the health of your employees?
A program like True Genomics℠ adds an innovative way to reduce health care spend while improving patient health. With a simple genetic profile, True Genomics℠ takes the guess work out of prescribing mediations like statins and anti-depressants for the most efficacy and fewer side effects.

There’s an annual New Year’s tradition that’s becoming more popular every year. Social media users are cutting ties with people they no longer feel a connection. Their values no longer align, so they’re revising their social circle with more like-minded people. In an industry that can seem a little shady, it’s good to know that there are both brokers and PBM’s out there who are genuinely trying to do some good in the many lives they touch. 

If that’s what you’re seeking for yourself in 2022, then we hope to hear from you, so that together we can make this the best year yet!