Health Strategists with a Vision

Discover the how and why behind our name change.

Our CEO Mark Williams, RPh, explains why we changed our name to True Rx Health Strategists.

We went from True Rx Management Services to True Rx Health Strategists, so why did we change our name?

Health Strategists is always looking ahead, always looking in the future about what’s coming down the line.”

In the prescription business, that’s changing a lot. We are the experts on the pharmacy side, so we know how to best bring the pharmacy benefits to employers. 

True Rx was started by pharmacists and a lot of our leadership team is made up of pharmacists. We have a lot of great people who are not pharmacists also so it’s a great blend.”

One of the things we talk to brokers about is that we speak pharmacy so you don’t have to.”

That just means you are going to have a pharmacy consultant by your side. Our employers’ members become our patients. As we grow, that will never change. We are a pharmacist-led company, plus that’s just who pharmacists are. We care about our patients.”

We started True Rx because as a pharmacist working behind the counter on the retail pharmacy side, we saw that there wasn’t a lot of consulting going on for employers for the prescription benefits.”

We felt like that was a huge advantage if we could bring that to the table from a PBM side with pharmacy consulting. We think it’s important that you have a pharmacist consultant on your side for your employer benefits. We can bring different options to the table.”

As pharmacists, we are always looking to make sure patients get their medications because we understand that if they are not getting their medications, I don’t care how much you lower your prescription costs, if it ends up on the medical side and it increases that cost and it doesn’t do any good. So as pharmacists, we want to make sure patients are getting their medications at a price the employers can afford.”

It’s never about cutting out medications.”

It’s about implementing programs that can get them (patients) their medications at a lower cost to the employer. As a pharmacist, that’s really important because it’s not just cut, cut, cut costs all the time. It’s how can we manage the prescription benefit the best that the employers can save money and the employees still get their medications.”

Mark Williams is a fourth-generation pharmacist and is the CEO and, along with his brother, C.C., owns True Rx Health Strategists. 

The Williams Family at True Rx Health Strategists

Nick Williams and Adrienne Williams LaBorwit are the fifth generation to join C.C. and Mark in the family business.

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About the Author

Mark is a fourth-generation pharmacist with nearly 30 years retail pharmacy experience. With his two brothers, he owns and operates Williams Brothers Health Care Pharmacy, a chain of independent pharmacies with more than 500 employees.

As a business owner, he realized the downfalls of many Pharmacy Benefit Managers and developed a passion for providing true, transparent PBM partnerships. Mark brings decades of pharmacy expertise and a family heritage of outstanding customer service to True Rx, transforming the PBM model.

Mark is a graduate of Purdue University Pharmacy School.