True Conversations: Decoding J Codes for Employers and Patients

Cost Containment Plus Personalized Patient Care

Guest panelist Jim Harenberg joins Anna Olsen-Kroeger, Daniel Wilson, PharmD, and Adrienne LaBorwit in this True Conversation. Silvana Presta shares her experience as an HR director and a patient.

Decoding J Codes for Employers and Patients

In the second part of this True Conversations series, our panelists discuss how to transform an expensive J Code on the medical plan to the pharmacy benefit plan without disruption to patients. 

Our panelists define J Codes and why the difference in delivery methods can save thousands. They discuss the employer, HR director, and a patient experience with our solution, True Codes. It’s not nearly as intimidating as it sounds and provides not only significant savings, but better healthcare for employees with specialty infusion medication treatments.

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