Case Study — Hospital


Client Profile

Just five years ago, specialty medications were 10% of prescription costs. Today, they are running over 50% of the prescription costs for some employers. A TPA partner came to True Rx Health Strategists with a client needing relief from out-of-control specialty medication costs. 

Their Challenge

The client has 1,700 covered lives on their self-insured pharmacy benefits plan. They had what could be conflicting goals, implementing savings programs and providing specialty medications to employees.

Our Solution

The dramatic savings True Rx Health Strategists provided for this client was a combination of no spread pricing and pass-through rebates. The company also chose True Rx Health Strategists True Savings℠ programs including True Guard℠ and True Advocate℠. True Advocate℠ is our concierge service for patients taking specialty medications helping to reduce the cost of these medications for both the patient and the client.

The Outcome

Results over two years:

  • 42.5%

    reduction in spend of brand medications.

  • 29%

    reduction in average spend.

  • $2 million

    in savings on their overall pharmacy benefits spend.

As pharmacy consultants, we are here to help protect those types of catastrophe costs that can happen to employers. That’s what you want on your side. It’s someone who is always looking in the best interest of the employer, but also getting the member medication they need.” – Mark Williams, RPh, CEO of True Rx Health Strategists.

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