Case Study — Manufacturer


Client Profile

This family-owned manufacturing company produces well-designed and thoroughly tested products supported by a professional group of employees in the waterworks industry. 

Their Challenge

The client needed a reliable resource for their pharmacy benefits that could provide innovative cost savings while also providing medications to dedicated, hard-working employees. 

Our Solution

The manufacturer chose to use our innovating savings programs like True Assist℠, and benefited from pass-through rebates. The company also had communication support to assist with any questions for employee medications.

I know when I reach out to the True Rx team that they will respond timely, research the situation, and if needed contact the pharmacy directly to help determine what information the pharmacy needs to support a finished prescription claim and dispensing of the medication.” — Benefits Administrator

The company also had proactive resources for future budget planning and employee communications.

I appreciate that they are always monitoring and ahead of medication changes. When needed they provide communication documents which helps educate our covered members on their medications. - Benefits Administrator

The Outcome

If there is an upcoming change on a member’s medication, True Rx strives to allow enough time for the member to review the information on the change. They always put the member first.” — Benefits Administrator

With smarter solutions for employees and savings programs and company finances, the results continue to improve year after year.

  • $583,000

    in specialty medication savings in 2020.

  • 557%

    increase in True Rebates between 2012 and 2020.

  • $984,000

    Total annual savings in 2020.

  • Each member of the True Rx team really does conduct themselves and the service they provide by the Golden Rule of treating others how they would want to be treated.” — Benefits Administrator

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