Hottest Health Strategies to Tackle Your Highest Costs: Pharmacogenomics

Hottest Health Strategies to Tackle Your Highest Costs: Pharmacogenomics

Employers and brokers must understand that medication trial and error is not a sustainable solution as it increases plan claim volume and patient non-compliance. A robust pharmacogenomics program utilizes gene-based science to guarantee the most effective drug therapy right from the start. 

Join the True Conversations webinar to learn about the benefits of pharmacogenomics, which include: 

  • The process to ensure patients receive the most suitable medication right from the start 
  • Decreasing the number of claims for various types of drugs, such as antidepressants, statins, ADHD medications, acid-reflux therapies, and more 
  • Reducing overall healthcare expenses for both employers and employees 

Originally aired on March 27, 2024.

Daniel Wilson, PharmD, Vice President of Clinical Operations, True Rx Health Strategists 


Our featured panelist is Houda Hachad, PharmD, Vice President of Clinical Operations, AccessDx Laboratory. Houda led the development of the pharmacogenetic product line extensions from inception to delivery and spearheaded the operational efforts for translating scientific requirements into technology solutions. She is involved with several pharmacogenomics working groups and committees aimed at standardizing pharmacogenomic testing modalities and facilitating their adoption by the clinical community.

Also joining us is Forrest Williamson. Forrest has over a decade of experience in health insurance and is the Vice President of Sales, Unified Group Services. He is committed to providing innovative solutions for healthcare plans and focuses on wellness initiatives, providing guidance on compliance, and analyzing claim data. 

Chad Burks, PharmD, Director of Clinical Programs, True Rx Health Strategists also joins our panel. Before joining True Rx, Chad founded PGxPharmD in 2021. Chad has 15 years of pharmacy experience and is passionate about helping patients get tested, interpreting their results during a consultation, and working with both patients and their prescribers to adjust medications accordingly. 

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